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LP Gas Service

Liquid Propane Gas Service:

Customers who do not live in areas where natural gas is available can still utilize this fuel source via a bulk storage tank. Dubben’s supplies tanks ranging from 23 to 1,000 gallons so that customers can enjoy the benefits of gas for heating, water heating, cooking and clothes drying.

Environmental Solutions from Propane Gas:
Propane offers environmental and economical advantages over other fuels. When propane is burned the emissions meet the standards for clean air set by the Environmental Protection Agency. Unlike fuel oil, propane is clean-burning, emitting 17% less carbon dioxide.

LP Gas Advantages:
Clean burning LP Gas has a number of advantages over other fuel sources. LP gas burns very cleanly and achieves efficiencies that reach well into the 90-percent range. Because LP appliances burn so efficiently, a spin off benefit is a low incidence of repairs and the need for less maintenance.

Appliances that utilize LP Gas also come with many versatile venting options, making it possible to retrofit nearly any application. An added benefit of LP Gas is that 90% of the country’s supply is derived from domestic production.

Fuel Cost Savings:
The savings options we offer to customers include:

  • A Per Gallon Discount for all deliveries if paid in full within 10 days.
  • A Budget Heating Plan in which customers’ monthly payments are based on the amount of fuel they are anticipated to use during the course of a one-year period. The total cost is then split into 12 equal payments.
  • We also offer reduced-rate fuel purchasing with a number of
    Pre-Buy Programs.

Liquid Propane Service